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Mary Ann Claud

Contact:  TheDancinManNovel@gmail.com

The Dancin' Man Whirlygig Blue Ridge Pilgrimage

Mary Ann Claud grew up in Lancaster, South Carolina and holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in music from Converse College. She began writing after moving to Tryon N.C. in the early 70’s. In 1976, she was offered a job writing a front page Sunday column for the Hendersonville (N.C.)Times News.

During the ten years she continued to work as a columnist, she attended week-long writers’ workshops at Virginia Commonwealth University and at Duke University, dedicating herself to the writing of fiction. In 2014 she published her first novel, The Dancin’ Man. It chronicles the lives of a prominent Southern textile family caught in the industry’s decline. Two years later, she published a sequel, featuring the Ward/Brunson clan once again. Titled Whirlygig: The Dancin’ Man’s Daughter, it rejoins the family a decade later.

Claud took a break from fiction in 2015. With guidance and help from her editors at Lystra Books, she produced her third book, Blue Ridge Pilgrimage in 2016. Revisiting some of her favorite columns, first published in the Times–News, she describes the many charms of the Southern Appalachian region where she makes her home. In her most recent book, she returns again to the characters of the Ward/Brunson saga, completing the trilogy with the story of the fourth generation in Alex Dances.

Alex Dances
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